Sigh! Feel so tired to work night shift! some more for this whole month ... tiring! so crazy nowadays! Now promotion of the Prosperity Burger + the coupons! WTH! think we crew very free! catch sales and attract customers also have to think of your crew! stupid HQ! Hougang mall really too crazy~ the queue is seriously long till out of the restaurant ! good job! ... Working 4.30pm later on ... Boss working closing! oh god~ ...

This the pic when I went out with sister ... went bugis and then amk for movie! Jackie Chan movie ... CZ12 ! ^^ I watched it twice already haha !
Bought this two magazines ^^ hehe! both are my Favourites ! really love them a loooooooot~ they're the best! ohhhhh! Cindy Wang & Jolin Tsai too!!!! my top four hehe
Haven get the chance to buy their album yet!!! hope later I got the time to buy~ ^^ hehe!!!

Alright! gonna offline already! gonna chase to watch my drama show hehe!!! Love this show! Xiaoguuuuuuui~~~ ^^

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