PPS gathering [THROWBACK 01.04.2017]

Good Morning~ haha! It's Monday Bluuuuueee :) Today my boys went back to school after a week of falling sick, really so glad that they're better already :D I'm making a throwback post on the Saturday, 1st April, have a small gathering with my primary school classmates. We went Nex mall, Swensen for lunch and gathering. We all occupied a long table, we combined a roll of tables and seats, oops!

I've ordered a Salmon & Mushroom pasta, taste not that good and it's too dry for me. The pasta is too sticky but overall maybe I'll give a 5/10. Doesn't really have that standard and I've also did ordered a Ice Lemon Tea drink. It's really disappointing as the tea it's from either Heaven & Earth brand or Pokka Brand and they just add in a slice of lemon into the drink. I expect of a handmade ice tea and then with lemon slice in it, the price are really high too. Don't really recommend to go for Swensen, I rather go for Pizza Hut! Yum yum~ haha!

In the first place I meet one of my dearest friend "Siti" at Hougang MRT station as I was at my parent house. My sister fetch me and my boys over to my parent house :) Me and my friend took train to Nex mall, we just can't stop chatting when the second we meet but before that we also did Whatsapp one another haha! We meet some of the rest at Serangoon MRT control station, "Eileen, Wei Lun, Alvin and his cute boy" ^.^

We directly went to check what to have for lunch as there's chinese friends and malay friends so in the end we decided to go for Swensen. We sat down and placed orders but kind of irritated when our food is already served but our drinks really took a very long time, we've ask for like 3 to 4 times where is the orders of our drinks. I do understand F&B line that they might be short handed of staff but it's really kind of unacceptable that they took almost 20 mins for our drinks to be served. We've almost finished our food and we have also been asking for our drinks orders, finally the drinks slowly being serve to us. 

While the rest of us are having our lunch, some of the rest join in one by one. "Aiman" the one that sitting besides me came when we are eating haha! He ordered a burger which is almost the size bigger than his face :D! Slowly "Eugeng, Mrs Poon and Roy" came, we get this moment to meet up is because our former teacher "Mrs Poon" she requested for it and Siti is the one to contact with her. So Siti tries to contact everyone of us to go for this gathering, she really have a hard time and really wanted to thank her for her effort ^.^ My teacher even open a FB group haha!

We took a group photo after we all have finished our meal, our dessert and also chit chatting, I got to leave earlier as I need to get cakes back to my parent house cause we are having a small advance birthday celebration for my Father & Elder Brother haha! I make a move first once after we have taken photos so they continue with the gathering without me.

Really feel so so great to reunited with this few people and really hope in future there will be more of the rest to join us for gathering ^.^ Happy Gathering~ precious moment :D

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