Birthday Celebrations [THROWBACK 01.04.2017, Saturday]

I came back home after my gathering with primary school classmates and saw a table with a few dishes. I bought Sushi and Yakitori Sticks for dinner as well, the Sushi my sister said that their salmon doesn't taste fresh and so as the rice is a little hard for her too. In future maybe I should not get the salmon sushi but the rest, I find it's okay for me haha! especially the cheese sushi :D

I bought the Yakitori Sticks and it has been really quite some times since I've last eaten it, roughly around a year. Total I bought 6 sticks and it cost me $11.60. " 2 chicken balls, 2 pork stick, 1 Arabiki Sausage, 1 Pork with Asparagus and 2 Mini mashed potato"

I also bought dessert, Mini Durian Strudel hehehe! has been quite some time too :D I bought the cake from Chateraise Patisserie from Japan, "Fresh Cream cake - 21cm" cost me $45.00

It's so called a Fresh Cream Strawberry cake!? There's strawberry cream in it and a layer of strawberry jam at the bottom too. When we eat the cake the jam is still kind of frozen, taste so sour and icy haha! I took the left overs home and the next day I ate it, it really taste so good so I guess the cake and jam has not totally defrost yet haha! we're all kind of complaining the icy jam, especially my elder brother hahaha

This little boy of my, somehow I'm losing patience towards him but I really did try to control myself. He just keep wanting to light up the candle, keep climbing up the stairs and asking for us to light it up. In the first place my father rejected me and my sister to singsong and light up the candle, so in the end we still does it as my boy keep wanting to light up the candle haha!

So taaadaaaaa~ they have fun! haha! my boy really loves lighting up the candle and then blow it off. mt funny boy and also thanks to my boy that I have all these memories photos of my parents and my boys. Love all of them really so so much~ *hearts ^.^

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