So sick !

Hello! First post for the last day of February, and it's Monday blue. I'm having a bad cough recently but today it just got worst than I thought, I guess it might due to the working environment.

Plus today it's the McCafe Nano block limited selling. But it just doesn't looks like a Nano block at all, it looks like a display toy to me.

The crowd was horrible so as the way we serve, we have really used up all our energy. Somehow there's just one or two stupid and selfish customers, wanted to slap them upside down.

Morning wake Jerald up to prepare and go for school. He was really sleepy and rejected to wake up but once I show him his uniform his eyes just open wide and he sat up. Changed his clothes and prepare to go out, just love his sleepy face but still wanting to go for school. 

Jerald really is a good boy and I'm glad that he listen to instructions most of the time.

Once ended work I went to have my dinner before I proceed to popular and help hubby to get his stuff. 

Reached home at about almost 8pm, I rushed to go for shower just to take over MIL to look after my boys. As usual I know they just wanted me to settle the boys once I got home, it's alright! 

I will prove to you all that I'm capable, I'm strong and I can earn money. So no matter how tired and how sick I am I will still work hard and earn money. Just no matter how much I'm suffering I will survive till the end, till my last breath!

We shall wait and see ... What comes around goes around. 

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