HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! long time no post! ... haha ... having salad for dinner today, eating and posting on the same time~! hehehe!!! ...

recently I felt so lazy to update and post my blog haha, so dead man! ... hmmmm~ last week went for appointment in the really the result is really what I expected but worst a little ... feel sad ! feel stress and tired to maintain everything .... sigh .... sometimes I really don't know who I can talk to .... very sad ... my HBA1C is 8.3% if I'm not wrong, it's really high and lucky that all my previous data is good ... I really scare to get back Insulin I can't afford and take it ... it's really tiring and hurt!

Needa add on more exercise, but I lost weight till 51kg now ... I really spent like almost four years to settle myself back to healthy life style, happy moments ! :) I'm so glad actually, I used to be 60kg and more fat than now, but sad that I still look cubby .... haha! oh man! I put too much Thousand Island cream sauce on my salad haha!!! oh well there's no picture for the day haha ... byeeeeeeeeee

  before going off, hehe! SS501~ 너무 보고 싶었어! 사랑해~ ^^

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