Happy Birthday to me ^.^

This year birthday celebration, I've got the fullest birthday ever after I've got married and have kids. Got a total of 3 celebration haha! First is 8th July on a Saturday, my siblings surprised me with a chocolate cake ♥ Wanted to thank my elder brother & sister for the surprised cake, love you all so much!

Small J saw the cake and keep wanting to touch it so me and sister let him join in to take photo together haha! Big J was sleeping at that time.

Also wanted to thank sister for this year birthday gift haha! still wanted to thank you although you have no much idea what to get for me. Love you! MUACK~

Secondly is on the 10th July, Monday I went on a date with my sister. We went Karaoke and shopping till late night as my hubby took leave so I doesn't need to rush home and fetch the boys on that day. We meet at Bugis Junction and went Karaoke.

Ordered some snacks food and took selfies, photos in the Karaoke room haha!

After singing session we went Bugis Junction for shopping, bought earring and ear stick >.< and also went Watson to get some facial cream and etc ...

While on the train I took selfie with sister before we separate our way home :) LOVE YOUUUUU! to the end of the earth hehe! Thank you so so much for all your love and time ♥♥♥

Lastly is on my acutal birthday hehe! Hubby brought me out and we went Karaoke too ^.^ Love you! hubby~ thank you for always not forgetting to take leaves and off on my birthday every year ♥♥♥ Love you to the end of the moon MUACK!!!

On the following week I've got another surprises from my primary school friends! I really didn't expect it (tears~)! Thank you Zuhairah, Eileen and Hadinah although it's all Zuhairah's idea to get me birthday gift this year! I'm really so glad and touched by them ;) Thank you all so so much my dear!

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